At The Tai Chi Centre we practice Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan (YMT). In our regular classes we start with tai chi exercises that increase fitness, develop flexibility, and skills through movement, relaxation, and breathing. We then learn tai chi moves, which are connected together into the form, attention being given to the application and meaning; with experience this can include the sword and fan. Here the class divides into beginners, intermediates and experienced. Finally there is push hands, which develops a deeper understanding of relaxing, sinking, being centered and self-defence. Our classes involve a high level of one to one tuition for beginners, and demanding routines for the experienced. Tai chi brings better health; regular practice is required to gather, maintain and develop its benefits.

Mon & Wed: 7.30 – 8.45 pm*

The Tai Chi Centre
St Philip’s Church
The Upstairs Studio
Earls Court Road
London W8 6QH

At the corner of Earls Court Rd & Stratford Rd – use the Stratford Road Entrance. Nearest tubes: Earls Court / High St Kensington

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No special clothes or footwear are needed.
It is preferable to wear comfortable clothing, and shoes.
No previous experience is necessary.
Please make contact before your first class.

*Classes for all levels are held every week, excluding Bank Holidays, the month of August, & the Winter Holiday.

New Courses/Beginners:
New students are welcome to start on the first Mon or Wed of every month (except August and during Winter Break) Please telephone or email in advance.

*Classes in 2020:
Wed 15 Jan 2020 – First Class
Wed 16 Dec 2020 – Last Class
Every Mon & Wed 7.30 – 8.45pm

*Holidays 2020:
13 Apr 20 – Easter Monday
04 May 20 – May Day Holiday
25 May 20 – Spring Day Holiday
01 Aug – 31 Aug 20 – Summer Holiday
15 Dec 20 – 18 Jan 21 – Winter Holiday

*Classes in 2021:
Mon 18 Jan 2021 – First Class
Wed 15 Dec 2021 – Last Class
Every Mon & Wed 7.30 – 8.45pm

*Holidays 2021:
05 Apr 21 – Easter Monday
03 May 21 – May Day Holiday
31 May 21 – Spring Day Holiday
01 Aug – 31 Aug 21 – Summer Holiday
15 Dec 21 – 17 Jan 22 – Winter Holiday

Single Class:
One month (Mon & Wed):

Insurance is arranged through The Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.

The Tai Chi Centre

tel: 020 7373 2207